“Build it and they will come” works well for some well-known brands, but for others it can be a blind leap of faith. While faith in the future is a great attitude to bring to the table, faith without action is a recipe for disaster. It takes work to get the word out about any business endeavor. Even for businesses that have been around for a while, marketing challenges will create upheaval for you and your business.

Lack of Visibility. Does anyone know you’re open for business? Are you engaging social media channels and connecting with your target audience? There are many ways to get your business noticed. From billboards and print ads to social media marketing strategies, the options are many. Your online presence and your local visibility are equally important. But even worse than a lack of visibility is poor visibility. How people see your brand represented matters immensely. Establish your brand with quality marketing efforts and your target audience will want to remember who you are. Be seen!

Lack of Leads is usually the result of people not knowing who you are yet. Getting in front of people through networking, organic social media (or paid social ads) are easy and affordable ways to generate leads. If you stake a claim to the quality of your products or services and make efforts to connect with people in person and online, your funnel will fill up. Be strategic!

Lack of Focus is more of a personal problem, but a problem that should’t be glossed over. Sometimes a lack of focus is the exact reason your business is stagnant. Only you can be responsible for your success or failure, so eliminate distractions preventing you from moving forward with your marketing plan. Be self-aware!

Lake of Time to develop and implement a marketing plan is one of the top reasons businesses start off at a crawl and eventually (soon) fail. You simply cannot open a new chiropractic business, liquor store, or online operation without a plan for telling people who and where you are. This is the definition of marketing–self promotion! If you don’t make the time to do it on the front end, you will find the end is not too far down the road. Be smart!

Lack of Knowledge is often the reason a marketing plan is never started or completed. It can be an intimidating exercise, but necessary nonetheless. You have a vision for your business–and for yourself!!–a marketing plan is the tool that will help make your dreams a reality. If knowledge is preventing you from working on a marketing plan, we can help! Be wise!

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