As states are beginning to reopen around the nation, businesses are still struggling to make the sales quotas needed to remain open. Until the numbers of infected persons dramatically decrease, many shoppers will continue to make their purchases online. If you’re not yet online with your products or services, you cannot wait any longer.

Shopping habits have changed this year and people are spending in new and different ways. There are increases to what people have already been buying online. Likely you know someone (if not yourself) who uses services like Instacart or Amazon Prime to order their necessities….or even to binge shop late at night. There are some interesting trends out there right now. The purchase of gifts and specialty items has gone up ↑18.9% and apparel up by ↑14.3%. Down significantly are items like luggage (↓77%), cameras (↓64%), and swimwear (↓62%). Overall, e-commerce sales have increased by 25%, so right now you need to focus on getting your business online if you haven’t already.

A variety of options are available to get your product online, be it your own website with a web store, existing online stores like Etsy or Ebay, and even utilizing social media like Facebook or Instagram to get your product in front of your customers for a chance to place an order. During this period of pandemic, it’s extremely important to diversify how you’re connecting with your customers online. There no one way to do anything anymore, including online sales.

If you’re unsure how to get started or would like to find out more about expanding your business growth online, we’d love to hear from you!