know-it-all-300x223You can always put on a facade of confidence, but most people are able to see through that. Overly-hyped confidence can come across as insecurity and be extremely overbearing on others. You may know and believe everything you discuss with others, but it is the insecure person who needs to tell everyone everything they know. True confidence sometimes means holding back, giving time for who you are to be revealed naturally instead of being forced on others. You can be known as a know-it-all (and we all know one), or be known as someone with who is wise and knowledgeable in her field, who is sought out on the basis of her reputation, not rejected because of it.

Of course, image is everything, but designing your public image requires that you hold something back. Confidence inspires, insecurity blathers on, whether in your business communications or in your emails or on your website. Confidence doesn’t need to send out emails to constituents every day or even every other day. Confidence doesn’t insist upon a homepage that says everything about your business or organization in one small space, it relies upon an organized website where the right information is in just the right place.

Being a leader in any area of business, ministry or education requires having the ability to influence, but influence is often undermined by our own insecurities. Pay close attention to how you are known and perceived in contrast to how you want to be known and perceived. Many lessons are learned when you come to understand that perception is often your practical reality. Don’t let insecurity dictate how and what you communicate, it won’t end well.