Business consultants and coaches often overlap in their mission, to guide their client to meaningful decision-making toward the present and future of their business. Typically a consultant helps you work through business planning and strategy, marketing, project planning, website planning and the overall direction of a business. A coach will help you uncover obstacles from lack of focus, poor vision and self-sabotage and guide you toward clarity, purpose, and structure.

Not all consultants are coaches. A business consultant can often tell you what a successful business looks like and can narrow it down to your particular industry, but a consultant may be unable to be your coach. Coaching requires someone who can take the time to learn about your particular business or organization, learn about your successes and failures, and be willing to have difficult conversations that are intended to move you to another level, upward toward success.

In my work, I function as a coach-consultant:  I offer you advice and expertise when and where you need it, motivation for when you’re stuck and find yourself taking 4 steps backward, and insight that will increase your personal and professional potential.  Having a coach isn’t a sign of weakness but empowers you to move ahead while putting failure in the rear view mirror.