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AIM to Lead!

The AIM to Lead coaching program focuses on the three core areas that strengthen you and your business: Authority, Identity & Message. When enrolling in this program, you discover the impact on your business when you understand and apply the principles contained in these areas including in part market leadership, thought leadership, brand development, marketing methods and ways to refine your message. You have goals you’re aiming for, and AIM to Lead provides the solid framework you need for starting or growing your business 

If you are serious about growing your business and you are ready to take the next step then let’s get started with the AIM to Lead Pre-Coaching form. Before we can get started, we need to know about more about your business, where you’re at today, and what steps you’ve taken to be where you’re at.

Now is the time to break free of what is holding you back! There’s no better time than now to AIM to Lead.

Private Coaching

This coaching program utilizes the AIM to Lead framework alongside the Flash Point Marketing System. Through private sessions, you will learn the principles and practices that empower your to reach your customers, It is an opportunity to lay a foundation that will help you to move into greater earning potential because you will understand what it takes to make connections with creativity, credibility and confidence.

Group Coaching

For those who prefer to meet in a group coaching environment, this option is now available. AIM to Lead coaching groups will begin meeting in the Fall/Winter of 2020. Like private coaching situations, groups will utilize the AIM to Lead framework alongside the Flash Point Marketing System with the benefit of connecting with and engaging others within the cohort.

Let’s Talk About It!

To find out how I may be able to support you and your business by filling out the AIM to Lead Pre-Coaching form

Then schedule your free 30 minute consultation (or your first 1-hour coaching session). Please email me in advance to work out our schedules. You can email me at,

All information you send me is kept in the strictest of confidence. If, after our consultation, we both agree to get started, we’ll schedule our first coaching session

As an added convenience, we can determine on this call if coaching sessions will be in person, on the phone or online via Zoom or Skype. We can work together no matter where you live.