Connecting You to Your Customers. Period.

The Flash Point Marketing System was created to empower businesses to reach their customers through marketplace leadership, business innovation and applied marketing strategies.

Connecting You to Your Customers. Period. Much more than a slogan, this is literally the focus of everything we do at Sarah Flashing Creative + Consulting. The Flash Point Marketing System is an opportunity to lay a foundation that will help you to move into greater earning potential because you will understand what it takes to make those connections with creativity, credibility and confidence.

Are you launching a new business or looking to accelerate your success? Are you looking for new and innovative ways to expand your earning potential? No matter what type of business or industry you are in, the AIM is the same. You can experience business growth by mastering the core principles and content of the Flash Point Marketing System.

The Flash Point Marketing System is your complete resource for learning principles and strategies that help you accelerate your marketing and increase your revenue. It will create the spark that keeps you connected to your customers, grow your sphere of influence, and provide upward momentum for your business.